Fashion magnetic wall lamp,You deserve it

          The wall lamp is used in the middle layer of indoor space. The indoor wall lamp can neutralize the visual gap brought by ceiling lighting and low lighting, relieve visual fatigue and enrich the level of indoor light. 

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          The lampshade, lampholder and shape of the wall lamp are various, and the indoor installation of the wall lamp can also play the role of embellishing the environment.

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   Our company YNDLUX launched a series of magnetic wall lamp in 2020. Modeling design comes from the understanding and attitude of life. It is fashionable and minimalist. You can add components freely to meet the lighting needs of different spaces. The design is very innovative. If your space belongs to modern minimalist decoration style, this kind of wall lamp will resonate and further render minimalist style

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    Aluminum gold housing, luxury and connotation

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           Soft light components, rotatable and adjustable, free combination, to meet different needs

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